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Trasporti alessansria asti

Who we are

Our Team

Magazzino coperto alessandria, distribuzione e raccolta merci, distribuzione merci alessandria, autotrasporti alessandria 

La squadra




Mariagrazia Pignataro

Operations Manager


Ylenia Moretto

Operations Manager


Valentina Pippo

Operations Manager


Gian Luca Scagliola

Operations Manager

Lorenzo Pippo

Head of IT & Communication

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Rosalba Cavalli

CFO & Co-Founder

Claudio Pippo

CEO & Co-Founder

The plant

Our plant can count on 3800 covered square meters, more than 11000 square meters of yard and 12 flaps. The spaces are maintained and cleaned daily to ensure maximum safety for operators and goods. The plant is equipped with a state-of-the-art alarm system monitored 24/7 by surveillance agents. Furthermore, extraordinary maintenance interventions are periodically carried out for the expansion and modernization of the internal and external environments. The last intervention saw the renovation of the roof, with the installation of photovoltaic panels that guarantee energy independence to the system. In its small SuperTrasporti the daily goal of attention to the environment is set, limiting waste and consumption to a minimum, constantly integrating new technologies into its systems that allow maximum efficiency and protection of resources.

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